Fibre to the Cabinet (Curb)

This is BT's new, high-speed network utilizing VDSL over copper to a local street cabinet from which is fibre optics. VM do similar, although use coax cable from distribution node to home utilizing eDOCSIS & fibre from DN to exchange.

My last property I thought was a gold mine for services. It was right next to a business park, which was one of the first places up here that was FTTC enabled. However, even with two cabinets I could potentially receive service from, my lines did not route via either one.

I have been estimated 60Mbit/s down and 20Mbit/s up. In any scale this is more than enough for me. Now, since I got a little worried about who my phone line provider was and rumours being they use TalkTalk LLU in some exchanges, I can confirm the following;

Landlines (PSTN) from NewCall (Primus saver) use BTW, meaning they do not unbundle. There are several LLU's in my exchange, one of which being TalkTalk. The number allocated showed up in BT's checker 24 hours after the engineer did his tests. It estimated near 20Mbit/s for BT 21CN and BE. It also estimated the above speeds for FTTC. Win!

So, Primus Saver / Newcall PSTN lines do not appear to be LLU'd. You are able to order any broadband that does not require LLU (BE, AAISP, BT, Nildram, Demon etc.) Of course, I have gone with AAISP for my service as they kick all the other ISP's bootys.

The only fun of course was having two postcodes for one address. However, the lovely people at Andrews & Arnold are rectifying this matter with the oh so charming BT folk!

I would also like to point out that Newcall / Primus actually saved me a LOT of money. Sure, the PostOffice are doing free install etc. But I have found dealing with Primus/Newcall has been effortless. Only calling them once to pay a small installation fee. Plus, for 8.99 a month w/ evening+weekend calls, will keep her happy chatting to her girlie friends.

Last modified: 2013/11/02 23:03